Commit 49bb2c8e authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix @_wrap decorator

parent 2c35af58
......@@ -40,11 +40,26 @@ def _wraps(func):
thus a bit of a hack, but there no better way I know of to do this."""
def decorate(f):
argspec = inspect.getargspec(func)
args_call = inspect.formatargspec(argspec[0])
argspec = inspect.formatargspec(argspec[0], defaults=argspec[3])
___wrap_defaults = defaults = argspec[-1]
if defaults is not None:
def_string = ["___wrap_defaults[%d]" % d for
d in xrange(len(defaults))]
def_names = argspec[0][-len(defaults):]
def_string = None
def_names = None
args_call = inspect.formatargspec(argspec[0], defaults=def_names)
argspec = inspect.formatargspec(argspec[0], defaults=def_string)
argspec = argspec.lstrip("(").rstrip(")")
wrap = eval("lambda %s: f%s" % (argspec, args_call), locals())
return functools.wraps(func)(wrap)
wf = "def %s(%s):\n return f%s\n" % \
(func.__name__, argspec, args_call)
if def_string is not None:
for d in def_string:
wf = wf.replace("'%s'" % d, "%s" % d)
for d in def_names:
wf = wf.replace("'%s'" % d, "%s" % d)
exec wf in locals()
return functools.wraps(func)(locals()[func.__name__])
return decorate
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