Commit 40aaa59c authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix issue in GraphView with edge filter composition

parent 16bdbf15
...@@ -2640,10 +2640,10 @@ class GraphView(Graph): ...@@ -2640,10 +2640,10 @@ class GraphView(Graph):
vf = self.get_vertex_filter() vf = self.get_vertex_filter()
if vf[0] is not None: if vf[0] is not None:
if not vf[1]: if not vf[1]:
vf[0].a = numpy.logical_and(vfilt.a, vf[0].a) vf[0].fa = vfilt.fa
else: else:
vf[0].a = numpy.logical_and(vfilt.a, numpy.logical_not(vf[0].a)) vf[0].fa = numpy.logical_not(vfilt.fa)
self.set_vertex_filter(vf[0]) self.set_vertex_filter(vf[0], vf[1])
else: else:
self.set_vertex_filter(vfilt) self.set_vertex_filter(vfilt)
...@@ -2660,10 +2660,10 @@ class GraphView(Graph): ...@@ -2660,10 +2660,10 @@ class GraphView(Graph):
ef = self.get_edge_filter() ef = self.get_edge_filter()
if ef[0] is not None: if ef[0] is not None:
if not ef[1]: if not ef[1]:
ef[0].a = numpy.logical_and(efilt.a, ef[0].a) ef[0].fa = efilt.fa
else: else:
ef[0].a = numpy.logical_and(efilt.a, numpy.logical_not(ef[0].a)) ef[0].fa = numpy.logical_not(efilt.fa)
self.set_edge_filter(ef[0]) self.set_edge_filter(ef[0], ef[1])
else: else:
self.set_edge_filter(efilt) self.set_edge_filter(efilt)
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