Commit 3cc343fe authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Properly wrap edit expression for --edit-edge-property/--edit-graph-property

parent 8cdbd13c
......@@ -116,9 +116,9 @@ def parse_options(arguments = sys.argv[1:]):
["edit-vertex-property", "PROPERTY[|TYPE]|EXPRESSION", "edit the selected vertex property", {"TYPE":"double"},
"graph.EditVertexProperty($PROPERTY, $TYPE, edit_function_wrap('vertex',$EXPRESSION))"],
["edit-edge-property", "PROPERTY[|TYPE]|EXPRESSION", "edit the selected edge property", {"TYPE":"double"},
"graph.EditEdgeProperty($PROPERTY, $TYPE, $EXPRESSION)"],
"graph.EditEdgeProperty($PROPERTY, $TYPE, edit_function_wrap('edge',$EXPRESSION))"],
["edit-graph-property", "PROPERTY[|TYPE]|EXPRESSION", "edit the selected graph property", {"TYPE":"double"},
"graph.EditGraphProperty($PROPERTY, $TYPE, $EXPRESSION)"],
"graph.EditGraphProperty($PROPERTY, $TYPE, edit_function_wrap('graph',$EXPRESSION))"],
["remove-vertex-property", "PROPERTY", "remove the selected vertex property", {}, "graph.RemoveVertexProperty($PROPERTY)"],
["remove-edge-property", "PROPERTY", "remove the selected edge property", {}, "graph.RemoveEdgeProperty($PROPERTY)"],
["remove-graph-property", "PROPERTY", "remove the selected graph property", {}, "graph.RemoveGraphProperty($PROPERTY)"],
......@@ -699,14 +699,19 @@ def edit_function_wrap(type, exp):
func = exp[0]
if type == "vertex":
desc = "v"
elif type == "edge":
desc = "e"
desc = "g"
nargs = len(inspect.getargspec(func)[0])
if inspect.getargspec(func)[3] != None:
nargs -= len(inspect.getargspec(func)[3])
if nargs > 0:
vars['__edit_func'] = func
func = eval("lambda: __edit_func(%s, g)" % desc, vars, vars)
if desc != "g":
func = eval("lambda: __edit_func(%s, g)" % desc, vars, vars)
func = eval("lambda: __edit_func(%s)" % desc, vars, vars)
return (func,vars)
def print_result(retval, file=sys.stdout, prefix=""):
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