Commit 373af413 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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inference.blockmodel: Fix problem with pickling MixedMeasuredBlockState

parent 5b681832
......@@ -412,10 +412,10 @@ class MixedMeasuredBlockState(UncertainBaseState):
Total number of measurements for each non-edge.
x_default : ``int`` (optional, default: ``1``)
Total number of positive measurements for each non-edge.
fn_params : ``dict`` (optional, default: ``dict(alpha=1, beta=1)``)
fn_params : ``dict`` (optional, default: ``dict(alpha=1, beta=10)``)
Gamma distribution hyperparameters for the probability of missing
edges (false negatives).
fp_params : ``dict`` (optional, default: ``dict(mu=1, nu=1)``)
fp_params : ``dict`` (optional, default: ``dict(mu=1, nu=10)``)
Gamma distribution hyperparameters for the probability of spurious
edges (false positives).
phi : ``float`` (optional, default: ``NaN``)
......@@ -456,9 +456,9 @@ class MixedMeasuredBlockState(UncertainBaseState):
self.n_default = n_default
self.x_default = x_default
self.alpha = fn_params.get("alpha", 1)
self.beta = fn_params.get("beta", 1)
self.beta = fn_params.get("beta", 10) = fp_params.get("mu", 1) = fp_params.get("nu", 1) = fp_params.get("nu", 10)
self.phi = phi
self._state = None
......@@ -497,8 +497,8 @@ class MixedMeasuredBlockState(UncertainBaseState):
def __getstate__(self):
return dict(g=self.g, n=self.n, x=self.x, n_default=self.n_default,
fp_params=dict(alpha=self.alpha, beta=self.beta),
fn_params=dict(,, phi=self.phi,
fn_params=dict(alpha=self.alpha, beta=self.beta),
fp_params=dict(,, phi=self.phi,
nested=self.nbstate is not None,
bstate=(self.nbstate if self.nbstate is not None
else self.bstate), self_loops=self.self_loops)
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