Commit 32a06013 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix boundary issue in NestedBlockState.replace_level()

parent 520254ce
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......@@ -307,11 +307,12 @@ class NestedBlockState(object):
if B_min is None:
min_state = state.copy(b=clabel.fa, clabel=clabel.fa)
B_min = max(B_min, clabel.fa.max() + 1)
min_state = mcmc_multilevel(max_state, B_min,
if _bm_test():
assert min_state.B == self.levels[l+1].N, (min_state.B,
assert min_state.B == self.levels[l+1].B, (min_state.B,
min_state = state.copy(b=clabel.fa, clabel=clabel.fa)
if B_min is not None and min_state.B > B_min:
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