Commit 2bc9ddf4 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix issue in Graph.add_edge_list()

parent 6957f8ec
......@@ -217,22 +217,25 @@ def _python_type(type_name):
return object
def _gt_type(obj):
t = type(obj)
if t in (numpy.int16, numpy.uint16, numpy.int8, numpy.uint8):
if isinstance(obj, numpy.dtype):
t = obj.type
t = type(obj)
if issubclass(t, (numpy.int16, numpy.uint16, numpy.int8, numpy.uint8)):
return "int16_t"
if t in (int, numpy.int32, numpy.uint32):
if issubclass(t, (int, numpy.int32, numpy.uint32)):
return "int32_t"
if t in (numpy.longlong, numpy.uint64, numpy.int64):
if issubclass(t, (numpy.longlong, numpy.uint64, numpy.int64)):
return "int64_t"
if t in (float, numpy.float, numpy.float16, numpy.float32, numpy.float64):
if issubclass(t, (float, numpy.float, numpy.float16, numpy.float32, numpy.float64)):
return "double"
if t is numpy.float128:
if issubclass(t, numpy.float128):
return "long double"
if t is str:
if issubclass(t, str):
return "string"
if t is bool:
if issubclass(t, bool):
return "bool"
if issubclass(t, list) or issubclass(t, numpy.ndarray):
if issubclass(t, (list, numpy.ndarray)):
return "vector<%s>" % _gt_type(obj[0])
return "object"
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