Commit 26cdde1e authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix segfault in graph_blockmodel.hh

parent c3bd7666
......@@ -1176,9 +1176,7 @@ void move_sweep(EMprop mrs, Vprop mrp, Vprop mrm, Vprop wr, Vprop b,
// it is useful to shuffle the vertex order even in the parallel case, so
// threads become more balanced
std::uniform_int_distribution<> uniint;
auto gen = std::bind(uniint, std::ref(rng));
std::random_shuffle(vlist.begin(), vlist.end(), gen);
std::shuffle(vlist.begin(), vlist.end(), rng);
std::uniform_int_distribution<size_t> s_rand(0, B - 1);
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