Commit 2586bae6 authored by Ale Abdo's avatar Ale Abdo
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Improves small fix for 64bit architectures. use static_cast<rng_t::result_type> instead of
uint32_t to convert the seed value for the rng_t constructor, so
the code becomes compatible with any rng_t.
parent 0c87c492
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ using namespace boost::lambda;
void random_rewire(GraphInterface& gi, string strat, bool self_loops,
bool parallel_edges, size_t seed)
rng_t rng((uint32_t) seed);
rng_t rng(static_cast<rng_t::result_type>(seed));
GraphInterface::edge_index_map_t edge_index =
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