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inference: modify LatentMultigraphBlockState.collect_marginal() to gather multiedges

parent daf7502b
...@@ -470,6 +470,65 @@ class LatentMultigraphBlockState(UncertainBaseState): ...@@ -470,6 +470,65 @@ class LatentMultigraphBlockState(UncertainBaseState):
self._state, self._state,
_get_rng()) _get_rng())
def collect_marginal(self, g=None):
r"""Collect marginal inferred network during MCMC runs.
g : :class:`~graph_tool.Graph` (optional, default: ``None``)
Previous marginal graph.
g : :class:`~graph_tool.Graph`
New marginal graph, with internal edge
:class:`~graph_tool.EdgePropertyMap` ``"x"`` and ``"xdev"``,
containing the marginal mean and standard deviation of edge
multiplicities, respectively.
The mean posterior marginal multiplicity of an edge :math:`(i,j)` is
defined as
.. math::
w_{ij} = \sum_{\boldsymbol A}A_{ij}P(\boldsymbol A|\boldsymbol D)
and likewise the variance is
.. math::
\sigma^2_{ij} = \sum_{\boldsymbol A}(A_{ij}-w_{ij})^2P(\boldsymbol A|\boldsymbol D)
where :math:`P(\boldsymbol A|\boldsymbol D)` is the posterior
probability given the data.
if g is None:
g = Graph(directed=self.g.is_directed())
g.add_vertex(self.g.num_vertices()) = g.new_gp("int", 0)
g.ep.count = g.new_ep("int")
g.ep.xsum = g.new_ep("double")
g.ep.x2sum = g.new_ep("double")
g.ep.x = g.new_ep("double")
g.ep.xdev = g.new_ep("double")
u = self.get_graph()
x = self.eweight.copy("double")
_prop("e", u, x),
_prop("e", g, g.ep.count),
_prop("e", g, g.ep.xsum),
_prop("e", g, g.ep.x2sum)) += 1
g.ep.x.fa = g.ep.xsum.fa /
g.ep.xdev.fa = sqrt(g.ep.x2sum.fa / - g.ep.x.fa ** 2)
return g
class MeasuredBlockState(UncertainBaseState): class MeasuredBlockState(UncertainBaseState):
r"""Inference state of a measured graph, using the stochastic block model as a r"""Inference state of a measured graph, using the stochastic block model as a
prior. prior.
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