Commit 18723245 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix edge property map query in reverse_graph

parent 78d42c38
......@@ -300,18 +300,18 @@ namespace detail {
friend reference
get(const reverse_graph_edge_property_map& m,
const key_type& e) {
return get(m.underlying_pm, e.underlying_desc);
return get(m.underlying_pm, e);
friend void
put(const reverse_graph_edge_property_map& m,
const key_type& e,
const value_type& v) {
put(m.underlying_pm, e.underlying_desc, v);
put(m.underlying_pm, e, v);
reference operator[](const key_type& k) {
return (this->underlying_pm)[k.underlying_desc];
return (this->underlying_pm)[k];
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