Commit 0fdb192b authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Remove outdated and no longer necessary libtool hack

parent 96127341
...@@ -453,11 +453,3 @@ src/graph/util/Makefile ...@@ -453,11 +453,3 @@ src/graph/util/Makefile
src/graph_tool/Makefile src/graph_tool/Makefile
]) ])
# ugly, dirty, smelly hack to force libtool to link to libstc++ before anything
# else, to avoid strange exception-related segfaults in
# __cxa_allocate_exception() see:
AC_MSG_NOTICE([Modifying libtool to correctly link libstdc++ before anything else...])
eval "sed -i -e 's/-nostdlib/-nostdlib -lstdc++/g' libtool"
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