Commit 0a497c91 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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load_graph_from_csv(): Change default to directed=False

parent ebd18179
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......@@ -3285,7 +3285,7 @@ def load_graph(file_name, fmt="auto", ignore_vp=None, ignore_ep=None,
g.load(file_name, fmt, ignore_vp, ignore_ep, ignore_gp)
return g
def load_graph_from_csv(file_name, directed=True, eprop_types=None,
def load_graph_from_csv(file_name, directed=False, eprop_types=None,
eprop_names=None, string_vals=True, hashed=False,
skip_first=False, ecols=(0,1),
csv_options={"delimiter": ",","quotechar": '"'}):
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