Commit 36c61ec2 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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graphviz_draw(): fix encoding bug

This fixes issue #687
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......@@ -91,12 +91,12 @@ except OSError:
def htmlize(elem, val):
if len(val) >= 2 and val[0] == "<" and val[-1] == ">":
g = libgv.agraphof(elem)
return ctypes.string_at(libgv.agstrdup_html(g, str(val[1:-1]).encode("utf8")))
return ctypes.string_at(libgv.agstrdup_html(g, str(val[1:-1]).encode("utf8"))).decode("utf8")
return val
def aset(elem, attr, value):
v = htmlize(elem, str(value))
v = htmlize(elem, str(value)).encode("utf8")
libgv.agsafeset(elem, str(attr).encode("utf8"), v, v)
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